Sale starts everywhere and I'm broke as a joke. This year I started studying fashion design and it often happened that I lived on bread because I spent all my money on materials. Even if I had money left to go shopping, I didn't have the time.
Good thing is that my skills in sewing and pattern drawing have developed and I have become more critical when it comes to buying a piece of clothing. In school we learnt about quality and the sometimes unfair industry of fashion. I learnt to think twice.
So this summer, even though I will restart gaining money, I won't spend so much on new clothes. I will try to make a bunch myself (expect DIY's, ideas, etc.!) and go thrift shopping (way more fun anyway). All I will buy new is a pair of shoes and perhaps jackets and coats and knitwear.
I got sick of having a lot of clothes anyway. It's much more a challenge to have a good small wardrobe than a big one.

"Buy less, choose well & do it yourself."
- Vivienne Westwood



The industrial look of the turbine hall and the floor that seemed to be cracked once appealed to me the moment I walked into Tate Modern in London. The building used to be a power station. The crack is actually an artwork done by Doris Salcedo, and it will remain a part of the building.



Made this necklace out of RAM. It sort of asked for it, it really was too easy.



SOMETIMES A lot of times I get sick of things and people and music trying to be intelligent and pretty and gorgeous and 'beautiful' and perfect. In my opinion perfection doesn't exist and trying to achieve it often results in silliness, plastic and botox faces.
So I stick to things broken and 'imperfect', like the sound of an Amen Break.
Broken compact powder    
Beauty lies in crappy quality + broken beats 



Concrete: I have a weakness for this rock hard material. It's cheap, it's everywhere, it's what's most of the urban jungle around us is made of, and it might be considered 'ugly'. What do I love about it?
Is it the ALMOST flawless surface? I love things which are almost perfect, it's so real: trying to achieve perfection, artificially, and never reach it. The imperfection is what makes this material honest.
Maybe it's the fact that it's so common. It's everywhere and you probably don't really see it anymore or care about it. I love to put modest things in the spotlights.

I now found a way to surround myself by more concrete, other than walls and sidewalks. IVANKA Studio is a company from Budapest, which applies concrete in design objects instead of using it for industrial purposes. Their minimalistic designs make you focus on the material. 
Besides clocks and bookends and stuff, IVANKA makes clothing and accessoires inspired by concrete, and even fabrics of wearable concrete. It's not that recent but I still wanted to write about it, because I haven't seen anything quite like this and these designs get me super excited!

This is so cool: to wear the material that's used for buildings

Last year at the stocksale of Christian Wijnants in Antwerp I bought this amazing tricot with concrete look print on it. I have no idea what to do with it yet but I am just happy to own a fabric which looks like concrete.